Excellence in Sports Medicine is covered on “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has been nominated for 18 awards, including six golden globes. He’s been in movies, television series, and has narrated several critically acclaimed documentaries. Recently, he teamed up with talented writers and producers to host “Informed,” an educational series distributed to Public Television and PBS member stations.

In an upcoming episode, Rob Lowe will discuss excellence in sports medicine. The program will speak with athletes, physicians, trainers, and staff members of professional teams to reveal the ways in which medical professionals treat sport related injuries. It’ll examine the different therapies, diets, and medicines prescribed to keep professional athletes fit and injury free. It will explore the inherent dangers in contact and non-contact sports, as well as the advances in modern sport medicine, and the challenges that doctors and trainers face on a daily basis. “Informed” will peel back the curtain and will offer you a behind the scenes look into the complex, high stress, high risk, but high reward world of sports medicine in the United States.