Custom Design Clothing will be featured on “Informed”, with Rob Lowe

Famous American actor, Rob Lowe, hosts the educational series, “Informed” to bring a variety of important and fun topics to the public. The topic for this program is something that may seem unimportant, but custom designed clothing is sweeping the country. Learn something new and have some fun with Rob Lowe exploring the custom design clothing rage.

Many people today want to be unique, and custom designed clothing brings something you can’t buy off the rack at the local shopping center. Custom designed clothing also comes with a tailored fit that helps you look great! What better way to enjoy your new clothes than having items that are unique with a perfect fit. It actually saves money to purchase clothing that fits properly.

Stop and think about how many pants, shirts, jackets, or dresses in your wardrobe that you don’t wear because they don’t fit right. You don’t want to pitch them out because you think they will fit you when you change something about yourself. What if you changed the way you buy clothing, so you don’t need to change anything about yourself? Image having custom designed clothing that is 100% unique and fit you perfectly.

Discover the reasons why custom designed clothing is making a significant mark in today’s clothing industry with Rob Lowe as your guide. “Informed,” the popular public television series, regularly brings the public a variety of topics to keep you educated and informed.