Rob Lowe will host the latest segment from “Informed”, which will be focused on Online Tutoring.

Critically acclaimed actor, Rob Lowe, has joined forces with “Informed” to enlighten and educate the public on the many fascinating aspects of modern society. The latest segment will take viewers into the changing world of tutoring with the advent of the internet.

For years the first thought that came into many people’s minds when they thought of tutoring was having to physically meet someone to receive the education. In the 21st century, however, more and more people are being tutored online, which has a multitude of benefits. The ease of simply needing an internet connection to gain access to a myriad of tutors means people are able to find the perfect person in the right subject to help them. In the past, they may not have been able to find a tutor in a specialized subject that they now have access to. Online tutoring also has great benefits for the tutors themselves. Having the ability to advertise on the internet means they can reach a much larger group of people that were unavailable to them in the past. Online tutoring means that overcoming the hurdles of distance and timing are a thing of the past.

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