Child Safety at Home is Rob Lowe’s focus in the latest segment to come from the “Informed” series.

One of a parent’s biggest concerns is their child’s safety in their own home. Host, Rob Lowe, speaks with experts in the field of child safety to examine what dangers lurk within the home and ways to prevent children from encountering them.

Across the globe the number one cause of death in the home for children under the age of eighteen is preventable accidents. This episode will focus not only on the common risks that exist in the home, but more importantly the more uncommon risks that some people may have never even thought of. A lack of prevention and proactive measures to secure a home can result in accidents such as suffocation, burns, unsecured furniture causing severe harm or even death, and choking on something as common as a button battery. These accidents and how to prevent them will be discussed by Rob Lowe in this newest segment.

Rob Lowe has brought his years of experience in film to Public Television to become the host of the “Informed” series, which distributes its segments to Public Television PBS Member stations.