Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, will be discussing Youth Reading Programs on the latest episode.

Throughout the year, even when school is not in session, there are youth reading programs that are available. As a matter of fact, the summer time is when these programs are the most popular because it ensures that students stay sharp for the next school year. Students who take reading programs during the summer are far better off when they come back to school in the fall versus those that did not.

Encouraging children to read all year, not just during school, helps them to retain information in and out of the classroom. Parents should always be encouraging their children to read, especially as an alternative to watching television or playing video games. Most communities have programs that can support any age and any reading level.

Even those without children can help these programs by donating books so that there is an endless supply of reading material. It’s also important to ask what other items they may need as it takes much more than just books to keep a reading program running.

Be sure to tune into this latest episode from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, distributed to PBS Member Stations to find out what you can do in your community to contribute to Youth Reading Programs.