Rob Lowe hosts the newest episode from “Informed”, which is a piece on Community College Education.

Starting higher education in a community college has many benefits versus starting your academic career off in a university. Whether the student is traditional or non-traditional there are a multitude of opportunities to explore. A student in community college has a better opportunity to take a variety of courses to see what peeks their interest.

Attending a community college first is a great option for someone who has plans to move onto a four-year university. The majority of community colleges are open enrollment so this allows a student to challenge themselves to see if they are ready for the rigors of a four-year university. Community college is also an excellent way for a student to improve their grades if they weren’t up to par in high school. If the student has a desire to enter the workforce sooner, they can earn a career oriented certificate.

Community colleges also provide students with the flexibility to attend full-time or part-time. This flexibility allows students to manage other commitments in their life such as work or family obligations. Up to 60% of the population in a community college is part-time students. If you are deciding between a community college or traditional four-year university be sure to tune in to this episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe. Episodes from “Informed” are distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.