Smart Tracking Health & Wellness

Informed Health Tracking

The future of smart tracking health and wellness stats is here and is featured in the latest series of “Informed” hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe. In an effort to maximize convenience chains, measure weight, BMI, blood pressure, pulse, and companies are networking with automated health stations to capture vital health statistics. The secrets behind it will be revealed in these segments scheduled to air on PBS member stations early in 2018.

Found Spirit in Craft Distilling

For more than 20 years craft brewing as been slowly gaining ground around the country. Microbreweries and brewpubs are everywhere and the production crew for “Informed” is on the spigot! They’ve gathered footage for an upcoming segment featuring craft distilling. The piece will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will debut to PTV and PBS Member stations later this month.

Understanding Electromagnetic Fields

Understand electromagnetic fields and how engineers are working to better protect us from their potentially harmful radiation in the newest segment of “Informed” hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe. This piece will debut to PTV and PBS Member stations nationwide this Winter.

The Mechanics Behind The World’s Best Trolley Systems

We travel to a city, hop on and hop off them and get from one destination from the next… but did you ever stop to think about the mechanics behind trolleys? What about the history of them? This month on “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe, we will discuss the manufacturing and history of some of the world’s best trolley systems and how they add culture to affluent societies. The segment will air to PBS Member stations in the Fall.

What Drives the Tech Behind Tropical Cyclone Predictions

With our planet’s temperature steadily increasing, the science of Tropical Cyclone Prediction is becoming increasingly important. “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be providing viewers with a valuable look into the field of tropical cyclone prediction. The series will be speaking with top scientists in the field to find out what drives the technology behind determining where the storms will go and the reason for the increased frequency and intensity of the storms. “Informed” will be providing this episode to Public Television PBS Member stations.

The Importance of Early Child Development

Informed with Rob Lowe is producing a segment on Early Child Development. The segment highlighting the importance of development at an early age will be distributed to PBS membership stations throughout the U.S.

Pros & Cons of Homeschooling

Informed, hosted by renowned actor on the big and small screen, Rob Lowe, has begun pre-production on a series for PBS member stations on homeschooling. The series will  explore different methods of homeschooling and the pros and cons for your child.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices that can Prevent Heart Disease

Heart Disease is responsible for one in every four deaths in the U.S.  Informed, with Rob Lowe, has developed a series to educate the Public Television audience on healthy lifestyle choices that can prevent this deadly disease.  Tune in to PBS member stations in your local market for information that can save your life.

Japanese Etiquette & How To Show Respect

How do businessmen and women conduct themselves in various cultures? What is the proper etiquette you use that will help you form a new business partnership? The latest segment of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe dives into Japanese etiquette and the history of how to show respect to one another. The spot will air to PBS member stations later this month.