August 16, 2017


Back Pain is the subject at hand for the latest segment, hosted by Rob Lowe, to come from the educational series “Informed”.


Rob Lowe uses his talents in front of the camera to present viewers with a look into one of the most common ailments in America: Back Pain.

Modern technology has made the treatment and diagnosis of numerous ailments easier than ever, however, there are still ailments that challenge experts in the field to treat. Most people will agree that back pain is one of the most common reasons to make an appointment with the doctor. The reasons for having back pain are plentiful, ranging from a serious direct trauma to the spine, pinched nerve, or slipped discs. Treatment methods for these issues can range from something as simple as an adjustment with the chiropractor to injections or even surgery to correct the problem. Back pain is one of the leading causes of opioid and narcotic prescription abuse in America. Because these medications are so effective at treating the pain, they can be highly addictive. It takes an experienced physician to know the correct balance between treatment and over prescribing medications. “Informed” discusses these issues and more in this newest episode from the educational series.

Rob Lowe is the host of the series “Informed” which is distributed to Public Television Networks PBS Member Stations.


August 10, 2017


Child Safety at Home is Rob Lowe’s focus in the latest segment to come from the “Informed” series.


One of a parent’s biggest concerns is their child’s safety in their own home. Host, Rob Lowe, speaks with experts in the field of child safety to examine what dangers lurk within the home and ways to prevent children from encountering them.

Across the globe the number one cause of death in the home for children under the age of eighteen is preventable accidents. This episode will focus not only on the common risks that exist in the home, but more importantly the more uncommon risks that some people may have never even thought of. A lack of prevention and proactive measures to secure a home can result in accidents such as suffocation, burns, unsecured furniture causing severe harm or even death, and choking on something as common as a button battery. These accidents and how to prevent them will be discussed by Rob Lowe in this newest segment.

Rob Lowe has brought his years of experience in film to Public Television to become the host of the “Informed” series, which distributes its segments to Public Television PBS Member stations.


August 4, 2017


Rob Lowe will host the latest segment from “Informed”, which will be focused on Online Tutoring.

Critically acclaimed actor, Rob Lowe, has joined forces with “Informed” to enlighten and educate the public on the many fascinating aspects of modern society. The latest segment will take viewers into the changing world of tutoring with the advent of the internet.

For years the first thought that came into many people’s minds when they thought of tutoring was having to physically meet someone to receive the education. In the 21st century, however, more and more people are being tutored online, which has a multitude of benefits. The ease of simply needing an internet connection to gain access to a myriad of tutors means people are able to find the perfect person in the right subject to help them. In the past, they may not have been able to find a tutor in a specialized subject that they now have access to. Online tutoring also has great benefits for the tutors themselves. Having the ability to advertise on the internet means they can reach a much larger group of people that were unavailable to them in the past. Online tutoring means that overcoming the hurdles of distance and timing are a thing of the past.

Due to its rigorous quality checks and expert staff, “Informed” is able to offer the highest quality to its viewers. As an award-winning show, “Informed” is distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations in all 50 states.


May 18, 2017


Custom Design Clothing will be featured on “Informed”, with Rob Lowe


Famous American actor, Rob Lowe, hosts the educational series, “Informed” to bring a variety of important and fun topics to the public. The topic for this program is something that may seem unimportant, but custom designed clothing is sweeping the country. Learn something new and have some fun with Rob Lowe exploring the custom design clothing rage.

Many people today want to be unique, and custom designed clothing brings something you can’t buy off the rack at the local shopping center. Custom designed clothing also comes with a tailored fit that helps you look great! What better way to enjoy your new clothes than having items that are unique with a perfect fit. It actually saves money to purchase clothing that fits properly.

Stop and think about how many pants, shirts, jackets, or dresses in your wardrobe that you don’t wear because they don’t fit right. You don’t want to pitch them out because you think they will fit you when you change something about yourself. What if you changed the way you buy clothing, so you don’t need to change anything about yourself? Image having custom designed clothing that is 100% unique and fit you perfectly.

Discover the reasons why custom designed clothing is making a significant mark in today’s clothing industry with Rob Lowe as your guide. “Informed,” the popular public television series, regularly brings the public a variety of topics to keep you educated and informed.



April 13, 2017
Excellence in Sports Medicine is covered on “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe


Rob Lowe has been nominated for 18 awards, including six golden globes. He’s been in movies, television series, and has narrated several critically acclaimed documentaries. Recently, he teamed up with talented writers and producers to host “Informed,” an educational series distributed to Public Television and PBS member stations.

In an upcoming episode, Rob Lowe will discuss excellence in sports medicine. The program will speak with athletes, physicians, trainers, and staff members of professional teams to reveal the ways in which medical professionals treat sport related injuries. It’ll examine the different therapies, diets, and medicines prescribed to keep professional athletes fit and injury free. It will explore the inherent dangers in contact and non-contact sports, as well as the advances in modern sport medicine, and the challenges that doctors and trainers face on a daily basis. “Informed” will peel back the curtain and will offer you a behind the scenes look into the complex, high stress, high risk, but high reward world of sports medicine in the United States.


March 16, 2017

“Informed” will cover advances in Optometry, with host Rob Lowe

Sight is one of the most important of the senses. People use their eyes to learn about the world from the very time they enter it. Many people will experience at least one eye problem during the course of their lives. Fortunately, recent advances in optometry can help address such problems easily and with little pain or expense. This is the subject of upcoming episode of “Informed.” The series, with host Rob Lowe, airs on Public Television Services all over the country and aims to help people understand many subjects. In a new segment, Lowe examines the astonishing new advances in this field. Many viewers will be delighted to learn that scientists are working hard to help people see better. Thanks to their efforts, many patients can expect to have a method of combating problems might otherwise compromise their ability to function on a daily basis. New advances touch on all areas of optometry.

Seeing Better

As Lowe documents, new advances in this field mean that patients are able to keep their vision even as they age. Younger people who have problems with their sight can also be helped. New techniques mean that it is possible for doctors to correct vision problems earlier and for such corrections to last even longer. Patients who might have otherwise faced the gradual loss of their sight can now work with doctors to discover how to mitigate such issues or even avoid them altogether.


February 14, 2017

Smart Lighting Panels are highlighted on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

The way in which Smart Lighting Panels contribute to personal energy savings and environmentally friendly home lighting designs is going to be addressed by the “Informed” series with Rob Lowe about American culture and paradigm shifts as they occur.

Smart lighting panels allow a homeowner to control their energy usage without the worry of leaving a light on or needing an extra light should one wake up in the middle of the night. Smart lighting panels recognize movement and allow for the people at home to move about freely during the day or night. The lighting can further be accessed through an app with a phone so lights remain off while away but are on when the homeowner walks in. The concept is that smart lighting can provide light to read by, light to dance to, or simply provide the needed light when someone returns home after a hard day of work.

“Informed” is an independently produced show aired on Public Television stations which demonstrates modern solutions to problems developed during the industrial age which have aversely affected the environment. Solutions are available to those who choose to use them and the same solutions offer environmentally responsible ways to address rising costs of routine energy bills.